Finesse Accessories has been a pioneer in the costume jewelry industry since 1936.

With a proud heritage that spans three generations, Finesse is a family corporation founded by Murray Damast when he was a young teenager working as a shipping clerk for a costume jewelry company.

From Humble Beginnings...

It all started when Murray was told by his boss that he was “indispensable!” Not knowing what “indispensable” meant, Murray hurried home to look up its meaning in the dictionary.

Inspired and empowered by the incredible compliment, from a boss who rarely gave any, Murray made a decision that night to resign and go into business for himself.

Initially working from a one bedroom apartment, Murray took his natural design and merchandising talents and started his own fashion costume jewelry company. Along with the assistance of his wife Goldie and in-laws Lilian and Joseph, the 4 family members networked material suppliers and contract labor for assembly and packing.

An articulate and persistent salesman who wouldn’t take “no” for an answer, Murray made calls to chain stores, names like Woolworth, SH Kress, JJ Newbery, Kresge and many many others. Almost overnight, Finesse Accessories became a known name in the industry.

The second World War began and Murray, having two children, worked for the war effort as a skilled machinist in a defense plant. Refusing to let his business fail, he managed Finesse tirelessly through the night, after his war work hours, until the end of the war.

Directly after the end of the war, General McArthur set up a mission for US companies to help rebuild Japan. Murray took on this challenge and became one of the very first Jewelry Importers in the States. Finesse became one of the pioneer companies to develop manufacturing in the Orient.

In addition to the importing of finished jewelry, Murray successfully developed and ran a casting, manipulating and manufacturing business with hundreds of employees and distribution to chain stores and wholesalers throughout the United States and Canada.

As Europe opened up for commerce, Murray went to West Germany, Austria, France, Spain and Italy, developing and producing merchandise in their make-shift factories. Through these pioneering business efforts, Murray helped create countless jobs in costume jewelry manufacturing and exporting.

A Family Affair...

Throughout his childhood holidays and vacations, Murray’s son Arthur always enjoyed working in his father’s business.

Then in 1971, while studying as an undergraduate in college, Arthur joined the company.

Arthur added a new sense of design and manufacturing talent that was a tremendous asset. He also personally developed factory resources throughout the Far East, Southern Asia, Europe and India.

While growing the business to ship to tens of thousands of stores, Arthur immensely grew the wholesale division, in what was to become the “Specialty Chain Store” industry of today.

Finesse Today...

Today, with Arthur’s son and Murray’s grandson, Scott co-running the business, Finesse has become a third-generation success. Scott brings his unique leadership, creative eye, and love for technology to Finesse. Under Scott’s direction, Finesse continues to excel and innovate, and remains an industry leader and trend-setter in the costume jewelry and accessories industry.