Finesse takes a unique approach to design. With a mixture of multiple methods of sourcing and design that are specific to Finesse, we are able to create our “secret sauce”. This proprietary approach to product design and development sets the Finesse line apart from its competition in both creativity and price.


One of the strongest parts of the Finesse “DNA” is technology. Our team of in-house programmers constantly update our custom software to meet the changing needs of our customers. Because of this, we are able to streamline most processes and therefore reduce costs. These reductions of costs go directly back into our pricing which allows our customers the maximum margin.


We spend countless time negotiating and searching the globe for the best possible ways to move our products. Shipping costs are bad for us and bad for our customers. Because of this endless search, we are able to offer the best delivery times in our industry but still maintain a remarkably low price points.


The Finesse culture is one of family and long term relationships. Many of our customers have been with us for over 20 years. Some of our staff have been with the company for over 25 years. Any company can try to sell something for one day or one year. But to maintain a consistent business since 1936 is something special. Our long history reconfirms our commitment to our relationships.


Our sales team focuses only on the long term. The concept of making a quick sale does not exist at Finesse. With every item we sell, our main concern is its salability for our customers. We live for reorders and pride ourselves on receiving them. If our customers are happy we know we will be happy. It’s all about the long term.